Commercial dispute resolution

Commercial dispute resolution

South Africa has a rich mediation tradition to build on, and commercial mediation movement is on the up and up.

Mediation is not a recent development and was used as a primary method of dispute resolution in some pre-industrial societies, and more recently in workplace disputes as well as disputes in a range of other fields.
Recent statutory provisions occurring in tax law and consumer law are helping to advance the cause of mediation by bringing it to the fore in dispute resolution.

The new Companies Act, expected to be passed later this year, also underpins mediation as part of a director’s fiduciary duty to the Company.

Services we offer:

-mediation of commercial disputes
-arbitration of commercial disputes

Our mediators and arbitrators are equipped to mediated and arbitrate both nationally and internationally. International commercial mediation and international commercial arbitration are fast becoming preferred methods of dispute resolution in commercial matters the world over.

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