Family and Divorce Mediation

Family and Divorce Mediation

We attend to the mediation and settlement of disputes arising from unmarried couples separating, as well as married couples separating and divorcing.

There are two aspects that are dealt with:

1. Division of assets or financial consequences of separation or divorce;

2. Arrangements regarding minor children-care, contact and support (custody, access and maintenance). Parenting Plans or Child Care plans in terms of the new Children’s Act

A mediated divorce is commonly cheaper and speedier than a litigated divorce. In addition the process is softer on the parties and the mediator prioritizes the best interests of minor children involved.

A mediation session is two hours, and is charged at R 400 per party per hour plus VAT. There is a one-off R 400 case management fee per party. Each mediation session is payable 24 hours in advance of the session.

For further enquiries or to book a mediation please email

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